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6th Grade English - Greek Gods: Home

What is a Database?

Searching the SIRS Discoverer Database

Intro to Citations

Identifying Citation Info For A SIRS Discoverer Database Article

Database Characteristics

  • dollar sign    Databases cost money to access, are not open to everyone.

  •         Databases are owned and maintained by a company.



  •    Databases contain articles from different sources - magazines, newspapers, books, encyclopedias, etc.


  •  honesty image           Database articles are good, trustworthy information.

General Information


 Username/passwords are needed if accessing these databases from home.  They can be found in:

1. Your printed Database Pathfinder

2. Your Student Agenda (assignment pad) on page 25

3. or by asking Media Center staff for username/password information

Articles from these databases can be printed out, saved to your Google Drive, H: drive or a flash drive, or e-mailed to yourself.


SIRS Discoverer Database Instructions


  SIRS Discoverer 

  1. Click on SIRS Discoverer icon.
  2. SEARCH: In the Search box, type your god's or goddess's name.  Click the Enter key or the magnifying glass.
  3. FIND ARTICLE: Look for the article with the title that is your god's or goddess's name.  Click on the title of the article to view it.
  4. SAVE ARTICLE: To save the article:
    * Click Save to Google Drive in the blue Use This Article box on the left of the screen.
    * Article will be saved in a Google Doc in a folder called Proquest-SIRS Discoverer in your My Drive.

  5. CITATION Information: Can be found at the top of the article or formatted at the bottom of the article.