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6th Grade Database Introduction: Home

General Information

 Username/passwords are needed if accessing these databases from home. (See your printed Database Pathfinder or Student Agenda (assignment pad) or ask Media Center staff for username/password information.)

Articles from these databases can be printed out, saved on your personal drive (My Documents) or a flash drive, or e-mailed home.


World Book Online

World BookWorld Book:  (Reference or encyclopedia articles)   

  • Click on World Book link above. 

  • Select the database  Student.
  • Type your keyword(s) in the search box. Click Search.

  • In Tools box, select Email article to send a copy of the article to your home email or Save article to save  the article on your USB drive. 

  • Citation information is at the end of  the article. 


EBSCOhost Kids Search

 EBSCOhost: (Collection of many different types of databases)

Ebsco host Kids SearchEBSCOhost Kids Search:

  • Click on EBSCOhost icon.  Click on the database Kids Search. 
  • Click on the database Kids Search. 
  • Type your keyword(s) in the search box. Click Search.

  • Sort by: select Relevance if you have many articles.
  • Filter results by: select Magazine tab to only look at magazine articles.
  •  Narrow Results by Subject.  Choose the best subject for your topic.
  •  Citation info is at top of article in “Author”, “Title”, “Source” fields.

  •  Email an article home.  Remember some articles are in PDF format.

Database Characteristics

  • dollar sign    Databases cost money to access, are not open to everyone.

  •         Databases are owned and maintained by a company.



  •    Databases contain articles from different sources - magazines, newspapers, books, encyclopedias, etc.


  •  honesty image           Database articles are good, trustworthy information.