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6th Grade Language Arts - Immigration Research: Databases

General Information

 Usernames and passwords are needed if accessing these databases from home. (See your printed Database Pathfinder or Student Agenda (assignment pad) or ask Media Center staff for username/password information.)

Articles from these databases can be printed out, saved on your personal drive (My Documents) or a flash drive, or e-mailed home.


Research in Context

   Research in Context  (Reference, newspaper, magazine articles, audio, images)

  • see page 21/22 of your student agenda for username/password if needed

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer: (Reference and news/magazine articles)


  • SORT: Leave Sort by Relevance (the default) selected.

  • KEYWORDS: Select Keyword/Natural Language and enter your keywords.
  • CHOOSE ARTICLE: Browse article Titles and Summaries to choose a good article on your topic.
  • CITATION INFO:  Get citation information by clicking Source & Summary at the top of the screen.
  • EMAIL/SAVE: Type your EMAIL address in box at top of article and click the Send Email button to send home. You must copy/paste text to a WORD doc to SAVE or PRINT an article.

World Book Online

World BookWorld Book:  (Reference articles)   

  • SELECT DATABASE:  Select World Book Student.
  • KEYWORDS: Type your keywords in the search box. Click Search.

  • ARTICLE TYPE: Click on Encyclopedia Articles on left of screen.  Browse article titles for your topic.
  • CITATION INFORMATION:  At bottom of article in this format: Author Name. “Title of Article”. Database Name. Database Company, Publication date. Web. Today’s date.

  • EMAIL/SAVE: Tools box at top of article: Email article home or Save on USB/H drive.

WAMS Research Guide

WAMS Research Guide

Use this guide to help you with your research skills and tools.

Intro to Citations

Identifying Citation Information for World Book Databases

Identifying Citation Information for EBSCO Kids Search Database

The Works Cited Page