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6th Grade English - Bullying Research: Web Sites

Web Evaluation - DO NOW


Go to PACER-Bullying webpage.   Answer these questions about this web page:

Do you think this is a reliable web page with trustworthy information?  Why or why not?  What characteristics of the web page helped you decide? Be prepared to support your answer.

Web Sites and Web Pages Diagram

web site vs web page

This image visually demonstrates the relationship between WEB SITES and WEB PAGES as defined above.

Bullying Web Sources

These are links to web pages about bullying.  You must evaluate these web pages BEFORE you use them for research.

Locating Web Page Citation Information

Locating Web page citation information can be a little tricky! 

Not every web designer follows good web design techniques.  Take a look at the examples above to see where to look for the citation information on different types of web pages.  


Web Page Evaluation