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6th Grade English Poetry Lit Cafe: #2 Found Poetry

Intro to Found Poetry

Found Poetry is the equivalent of a collage in art.  Poets take printed text from all different sources such as newspapers, magazines, speeches, etc. and create a poem using techniques like "blackening" and "cut-out".  Read more about found poetry HERE

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hidden poems - Found Poetry


Images of Found Poetry



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Cafe Station Directions

Directions For This Cafe Station:

 Found poetry is poetry created from regular text found in every day places such as magazines, cereal boxes, signs or pages of books. In this station, you will learn about different types of found poetry.



1. Read the informational box, Intro to Found Poetry.

2. Look at some of the example images of found poetry in the Images box that use text from sources like newspapers, magazines and book pages.

3. Watch the video hidden poems (Found Poetry).


ACTIVITY:   Found Poetry (using blackout, drawing or cut-up techniques)

1. Using the materials at this station, create your own "found" poem.  You may draw on or "blackout" the pages of the paperback books or use the word "cut-outs" from newspapers, magazines and other textual material to create your found poem.  Look at the examples of found poems on this web page to help you.

2. Take some time to develop a theme for your poem.  Read the words on the book page, newspaper or magazine looking for visual phrases or ideas, or move cut-out words or phrases around on the table until you see a theme develop.

3. Glue your found poem on the handout if using newspaper or magazine clippings.  If you used a paperback book and the blackout technique, gently remove that page from the book and glue to the handout. Remember to put your name on the handout.