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Dunk Literary Cafe: Immune System

Immune System Cafe Station Directions

Directions For This Cafe Station:

This station will focus on the Immune System. Please be sure to follow all directions in the order they appear on this sheet.

In the book Dunk, one of the characters, Jason, suffers from an overactive Immune System. This causes Jason to feel very weak and tired. Your Immune System fights off bacteria and viruses that harm the body. In Jason’s case, the body is actually attacking and damaging its own healthy tissue.

Work in groups of 3 and follow these directions to the Dunk Literary Café resource web page to learn more about the Immune System.


1. On the iPad mini, open up Safari. Click the open book icon (Bookmarks).

2. Click the link labeled Immune System.

3. Click the link in the Resources box  to read the definition of AutoImmunity.

4. Click the link in the Resources box to read the article about the Immune System (2 pages).

5. Click the link in the Resources box to watch the Immune System video  (stop at 3:30 minutes.)

6. Click the link in the Resources box to take the online quiz on and record your score from the quiz. (__/ 10)

7.   Record two new pieces of information you learned from the video or the text.

8. What is one question you still have about the Immune System?


Learn About the Immune System

Follow these links to read a definition and short article about the Immune system, then watch a video about the Immune system.  Finally, take the 10 question quiz on the Immune system to see how much you have learned.

Articles, video and quiz are: © 1995- 2015 . The Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth®

NOTE: Only watch the first 3:30 minutes of the video.  Stop there and take the quiz.