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7th Grade English/SS - WWII Journal Research: Databases

Facts on File (Infobase Learning)

       Facts on File-(Infobase Learning) 

       ((Reference Articles)                                  

  • CHOOSE DATABASE: Select American History Online.

  •  CHOOSE TOPIC: Click on Topic Centers link  at top of screen. Scroll down and select World War II and the Forties 1939-1949.

  • CHOOSE ARTICLE: Select Civilian Daily Life, Civilians at Work, Military Life...European or Military Life...Pacific Theatre depending on your topic.

  • CITATION INFO: Listed on the right under Record Information.

  • EMAIL:  Email home any useful articles using Email button at top left of screen or download a PDF of the article using the Download button at top of screen.

InfoTrac Student Edition OR GALE Virtual Reference Library

 InfoTrac Student Edition OR GALE Virtual Reference Library

(Magazine, Newspaper, Journal, Reference Articles)                             

  • CHOOSE DATABASE: Click on Proceed button. Select Student Edition for magazine, newpapers articles or Personal Narratives.
  • KEYWORDS: Type in keywords related to your scenario. Press Search.
  • NARROW RESULTS: Use tools on left of screen to narrow results by Subject, select documents in full-text, and Sort by Relevance.
  • CHOOSE ARTICLE TYPE: Under Your Results select article Type (Mags, News, etc.) Look in right corner of article description, and make sure it is NOT a Book Review.
  • SUBJECT GUIDE: Click Subject Guide Search, type in World War II, then select “World War II, 1939-1945”, or type Holocaust and select Holocaust 1933-1945; select Subdivisions and click on Personal Narratives. Use Sort, Limit, Full-text features to narrow results.
  • EMAIL/SAVE: (Email and Download buttons in Tool box in top right of screen.)Recommend to select “send item as attachment” and PDF if file is available in that format.  


  • CHOOSE DATABASE: Select GALE Virtual Reference Library for eBooks.
  • SUBJECT: Select History. Select either American Homefront in WWII or WWI Reference Library.
  • View Table of Contents for the eBook.  Choose chapter related to your topic.
  • EMAIL/SAVE/PRINT: Click button at top of screen.


SIRS Discoverer

                                  SIRS Discoverer     

(Magazine, Newspaper, Reference Articles)                                                        

  • SUBJECT HEADINGS: Select Subject Heading. Type in world war, then select World War(1939-45) from popup window.

  • CHOOSE ARTICLE/TYPE: Browse the list of returned subject headings. Choose one related to your scenario (there may be several that you want to look at.) Click on the subject heading and browse the resulting articles. Click on a tab at top of screen to select type of article results.

  • CITATION INFO: To find citation info, click on Source and Summary at top of article screen.

  • EMAIL/SAVE: Email box at top of article; copy/paste article text into WORD doc to save.)

EBSCOhost Student Research Center

         Ebsco host Kids Search        EBSCO Student Research Center

(Magazine, Newspaper, Journal, Reference Articles)                                    

  • Click on Student Research Center. 
  • GET COMPLETE ARTICLES: Halfway down the main screen, select Full-text.
  • KEYWORDS: In the Find box, type in keywords related to your scenario. Refer to your video guide sheet. Click Go.

  • SORT: In the Sort by window, choose Relevance - meaning the articles most closely related to your keywords/subject will move to the top of the results list. 
  • SUBJECT HEADINGS: In left column Narrow Results by clicking on Subject to see several subject headings for articles. Select one or more of these subject headings to narrow your article results.   
  • ARTICLE TYPES: Click on a tab at top of screen to choose the type of articles you wish to browse.
  • CHOOSE ARTICLE: Click the title of an article to read it.  Make sure you selected Full-text earlier.  Read the Abstract summary- of the article. It can help you eliminate articles that are not useful.
  • If you find a very good article, also click on the box “Find More Like This” to locate articles with the same subject headings (they may be good articles as well!)

·         CITATION INFO:  At the top of the article in the Author, Title and Source fields.

·         EMAIL/SAVE:  Email button near top right of screen. Save the article/citation:
      For PDFs, click Save and then use the PDF save menu button
      For HTML, click Save, then Save again and when a copy is displayed, right click choose Print, then Save As to save to your USB drive or H drive. 



(Magazine Articles)

  • ADVANCED SEARCH: Select Advanced Search. In Time Period drop down menu,  Select U.S. 1929-1945: Depression and  WWII.

  • KEYWORDS: Enter keywords in the box marked Text.  Click Search.

  • CHOOSE ARTICLE: List of articles appears on the right hand side.

  • CITATION INFO:  At top of article in gray box.   

  • EMAIL/SAVE: No email feature.  Save text to WORD doc. Click Printable Version to save/print article.

Cavendish Square (Marshall Cavendish)

        Cavendish Square Digital - WWII

(Original Content Articles)                                                     

  •  CHOOSE DATABASE: Click on WWII image link.  

  •  KEYWORDS: Type in keywords in Keywords box OR scroll through alphabetical list of articles.  

  •  CHOOSE ARTICLE: Click on article title to view.  Articles are broken up into sections which are linked on the left side of screen.

  •  CITATION INFO: Click on CITE THIS button for MLA formatted citation information or scroll to bottom of any article section.  

  • EMAIL: Click Email button at top of screen – this will only send a link to the article, not the text.  You will need the username/password at home when clicking the link in the email.

  •  SAVE: Click on Print at top of screen.  Can print a section or entire article.

World Book

World BookWorld Book:     (Reference articles)   

  • SELECT DATABASE:  Select World Book Student.
  • KEYWORDS: Type your keywords in the search box. Click Search.

  • CHOOSE ARTICLE:   Browse article titles for your topic. Click title link to view article.
  • CITATION INFORMATION:  At bottom of article in this format: Author Name. “Title of Article”. Database Name. Database Company, Publication date. Web. Today’s date.

  • EMAIL/SAVE: Tools box at top of article: Email article home or Save on USB/H drive.

Welcome Message from Mrs. Goetjen

General Information

 Username/passwords are needed if accessing these databases from HOME. (See your printed Database Pathfinder or student assignment pad or ask Media Center staff.)

Articles from these databases can be printed out, saved on your personal H drive (My Documents) or a flash drive, or e-mailed home.

What is a Database?

Strategies for Choosing Keywords

Database Features - Review

Subject (Guide) Search To Find Personal Narratives