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All About NoodleTools!: Citing Sources

This guide provides instructions and resources on using the many research features of NoodleTools.

What and Why of Source Citations


A citation is the information that uniquely describes a source you used in your research.

Example of citation information: 

  • Title 
  • Author
  • Publication/Copyright Date
  • Publisher or Organization
  • Database or Website/Webpage name
  • Date you viewed an online source (database, website)


Reasons to identify citation information:

1. Give CREDIT to the Author and Source


3. Your AUDIENCE can see where you got your information from

4. So YOU can go BACK to a source if you need to

Citing Sources

Basic How-to for Citing Sources: Citing Sources

Introduction to Source Citations

Importing a Source Citation from a GALE Database

How to import a source citation from a GALE Database: Import from GALE DB

Copying a Preformatted Citation

If your source has an MLA formatted citation already provided for you and does not support the Export feature, then you can copy/paste that preformatted citation into NoodleTools.  Here's how: Copying a Preformatted Citation