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All About NoodleTools!: Getting Started with NoodleTools

This guide provides instructions and resources on using the many research features of NoodleTools.


July 2021 - Latest major update to NoodleTools interface

Details of NoodleTools Update

See the instructional boxes below for details on how to navigate and use NoodleTools.

Why NoodleTools?

Why do we use NoodleTools?

We use NoodleTools because it provides students with an integrated online research environment where students can cite their sources, create notes, organize their notes and generate an outline based on their notes.  And nothing ever gets lost or misplaced!

NoodleTools also provides different levels of complexity to support researchers of all ages from 10-100!

Why is it called NoodleTools?

Logging into NoodleTools Using Clever

Follow these instructions to log into NoodleTools using CleverLogging in using Clever

NOTE: There are special instructions included for the FIRST time you log into NoodleTools that you must follow to correctly set up your account.

Logging into NoodleTools Directly

At this time you cannot log into NoodleTools directly.  Please follow the directions to log into NoodleTools using Clever.

Video: Logging into NoodleTools Using Clever

Creating a Project

How to create a Project in NoodleTools: Creating a Project

Sharing a Project with Your Teacher

Here are directions for sharing your project with a teacher using their Inbox: Share a Project with Your Teacher

Collaborating on a Project with Other Students

Here are directions on how to work on a project shared with other students:     Collaborating on a Project

Add or View Project Document Attachments

Sometimes you might want to attach or view certain project-related documents in your NoodleTools project.  Here's how: Attaching a Project Related Document

Filtering Projects by School Year

A new feature on the Projects screen is the ability to filter the list of Projects by school year.  Here's how: Filter Projects by School Year

Writing and Responding to Project Comments

Teachers and collaborating students can add comments to a project.  Here is how that works and how to respond to those comments: Writing and Responding to Comments