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8th Grade English Prejudice Research: Choosing Articles/Webpages

Materials, tips and links to resources to help you research the time period for To Kill A Mockingbird

Choosing Good, Relevant Articles or Web Pages

How Do I Choose a Good, Relevant Article or Web Page?

Find out what is the MAIN IDEA of the article/web page:

1. Read Abstract/Summary if available

2. Look at Subjects for the article (Database article)

3. Read the section headings of the article/web page to see what each section is about

4. Browse the article looking for key phrases that relate to your topic or ideas for thesis point.


 Use your questions to focus your research and assist in assessing the usefulness of an article.

      Refer to the questions you listed as information you need to support your possible focus/thesis.

     These should be important questions that you must answer in order to support your topic/focus and paper purpose.  

  • Does the article help to answer one or more of your questions? 
  •  Is an article providing you with information that supports or expands your focus/thesis? 
  • Does it create additional research questions in your mind?

             If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it is a useful article or web page.