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8th Grade English Prejudice Research: Web Sites

Materials, tips and links to resources to help you research the time period for To Kill A Mockingbird

Choosing Reliable Web Pages for Research

Choosing a relevant web page to use for research requires more than just searching.  Since anyone can create a web page or whole web site, you must EVALUATE the web page to decide if it is from a trustworthy and authoritative author or organization, if it is accurate and factual information and if it is current or up to date information (if that is important for your topic.)

Please view the video below - Evaluating Web Pages before using any web sources for research so that you are armed with the skills necessary to make a good judgement call on the reliability of any web source!

Locating Web Page Citation Information

Locating Web page citation information can be a little tricky.  Not every web designer follows good web design techniques.  Take a look at the examples below to see where to look for the citation information on different type of web pages.  

Example 1 is from a news web site - CNN.

Example 2 is from a basic informational web site that follows good web design techniques.

Web Page Evaluation

Differences Between Databases and Web Sites

Evaluating Web Pages