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6th Grade English Poetry Lit Cafe: #1 Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry

 Book Spine poetry, a specific form of found poetry, is a fun way to create your own original poems using book titles written on the spines of books.  Use your favorite book titles or ones you've yet to read!  The poems can be free verse or rhyming, have a rhythm and structure like a haiku poem or not.  It's all up to you!

How to Write Book Spine Poetry

Watch the first 1:35 minutes of this video to learn how to create your own book spine poems!


Cafe Station Directions

Directions For This Cafe Station:

 Found poetry is poetry created from regular text found in every day places.  One of those places is on the spines of books, that is the book titles!  In this station, you will learn how to create your own book spine poems.



1. Read the informational box, Book Spine Poetry.

2. Look at some of the example book spine poems in the Resources box.

3. Watch the video How to Create Book Spine Poems.



1. With your partner, browse the collection of library books provided and create at least 2 book spine poems. Each poem should be at least 4 lines in length. Refer to the Book Spine Poetry video and the Four Steps to Writing Book Spine Poems information card on this web page and examples of book spine poems links in the Resources box for guidance.

2. Now share your created book spine poems with another group and explain what are the themes of each poem and what sparked your idea for each poem.

3. Write down your book spine poems on the handouts at this station. Make sure to put your name on the handouts.