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7th Grade Language Arts - Shark Tank Research: Web Sites

Web Resources


Web Sources in Research - GENERAL INFORMATION

This guide provides links to many Web sites and specific Web pages related to your topics.  

If a link takes you to the Home page of a Web site, look for a SEARCH box and use your keywords to search for a specific Web page in that Web site related to your topic.

Remember that you are taking notes from a single WEB PAGE at a time.  If you click a Web Page link  that is NOT a page number, you are now on a new Web page and you must begin with a new Web Evaluation/Notesheet.



Teens Health  

 Cyberbullying     Effects    Bullying Laws

APA -Parent/Teacher Actions   Bullying Stats

Peer Pressure

Kids/Teens Health-Peer Pressure   Kids/Teens Health-Dealing with Peer Pressure 

AACAP-Peer Pressure Facts   Cool Spot-Peer Pressure (multiple pages)

WebMD-Teens and Peer Pressure  

School Program Against Smoking

Self-Image/Eating Disorders

Teens Health-Body Image and Self Esteem  

 Teens Health-Body Dysmorphic Disorder

NEDA-Body Image    Women's   Brown Univ-Body Image   

NYT-Boys Gym Obsession   WebMD-Body Image Image Disorders   PAMF-Teen Body Image

Academic Stress

WebMD-School Stress    HuffPost Teen-Academic Pressure  

 PAMF-Academic Pressure

MindShift-Student Stress Examples   Medill-MS Students Stress   

APA-Academic Stress (challenging reading level)   

  School Family - Managing MS Stress

Youth Worker-Stress in MS      

Edutopia-School Program to Reduce Stress

 NPR-Teen Stress and Health

Social Anxiety

Teens Health-Social Phobia    ADAA-Personal Story

   Anxiety BC-Social Anxiety Disorder 

Helpguide-Social Anxiety   AACAP-Adolescent Anxiety (challenging reading level)   

WebMD-Teen Social Phobia        WorryWiseKids - School Accommodations

WorryWiseKids - Children's Educational Rights 

NCBI-Cool Kids Program (paragraph on Cool Kids program)

Media Violence   

    Media Violence Policy

Children and Media   Boys and Media   NY Times - Media Violence

APA-Violent Media   AACAP-Media Violence

Tech Addiction (Gaming, Social Media, Internet, Cell Phone)

NetAddiction   reSTART-Addiction Signs   reSTART-Short Personal Stories

reSTART-Addiction Physical Effects   reSTART-Mobile Phone Addiction

reSTART - Video Game Addiction

MSU - Multiple Media Use

  Guardian-Internet Addiction Illness

Science Daily-Internet Addiction   

Psychology Today-Trapped in Web (very good source)

NetAddiction-Online Gaming Addiction (long article-challenging reading level)

   Smartphone Addiction


Is this a trustworthy web page?

Go to one of these web pages: 

1. Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

2. Dog Island


Take a minute to visually evaluate the web page.

Then turn to the pink Web Evaluation Note-sheet in your packet and ask/answer the questions in your head for the web page.  (You DO NOT have to write anything down on the sheet.)

Locating Web Page Citation Information

Locating Web page citation information can be a little tricky.  Not every web designer follows good web design techniques.  Take a look at the examples below to see where to look for the citation information on different type of web pages.  

Example 1 is from a news web site - CNN.

Example 2 is from a basic informational web site that follows good web design techniques.

Differences Between Databases and Web Sites

Web Author or Organization Authority

7th Web Evaluation

How Does A Google Search Work?