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7th Grade Language Arts - Shark Tank Research: Works Cited

Citation Tools

Intro to Citations

Citations and Citing Your Sources

The Works Cited Page

How To Cite Database Articles

Creating a project in NoodleTools

Sharing a project with your teacher

Logging in and Creating a Project in NoodleTools

Entering Citations in NoodleTools

Continued-Entering Citations in NoodleTools

Entering Image Citations in NoodleTools

Generating Works Cited Page in NoodleTools

Locating Web Page Citation Information

Locating Web page citation information can be a little tricky.  Not every web designer follows good web design techniques.  Take a look at the examples below to see where to look for the citation information on different type of web pages.  

Example 1 is from a news web site - CNN.

Example 2 is from a basic informational web site that follows good web design techniques.


Figuring out the TYPE of SOURCE for Database articles can be tricky.  Here is a chart to help you decide what type of source to choose for your database article citations.


CAVENDISH SQUARE (all databases): Type = ORIGINAL CONTENT (articles written just for database/NO source name)

CULTURE GRAMS: Type = ORIGINAL CONTENT (articles written just for database/NO source name)

EBSCO Points of View, Explora Secondary
Type = depends on the article. Use Tabs at top of screen to determine article type.

EBSCO History Reference Center or Science Reference Center:
Type = REFERENCE (for most articles; a couple are MAGAZINE)


GALE Virtual Reference Library: Type = Reference eBook

INFOTRAC STUDENT EDITION: TYPE = depends on article.  Use Content Type feature to determine article type.

Research in Context: TYPE = depends on article.

Science in ContextTYPE = depends on article.

SIRS DISCOVERER: TYPE = depends on article. Use Tabs at top of screen to determine article type.

PROQUEST: TYPE = depends on article; many are NEWSPAPER, but some could be MAGAZINE or REFERENCE or JOURNAL

WORLD BOOK (all databases): Type = REFERENCE; then select ePublication button in NoodleTools and check off box "Well-known publication".