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7th Grade Science - Ecosystems Research: Web Sites

Web Sources in Research - GENERAL INFORMATION

This guide provides links to many websites and specific webpages related to your topics.  There are 2 boxes of links - Endangered Species and Ecosystems.

The Ecosystems links and the links under the heading ALL ANIMALS in the Endangered Species Web source box take you to the Home page of a website. Look for a Search box and use your keywords (an ecosystem, an endangered species name) to search for a specific webpage in that website.

NOTE: These websites/pages should be evaluated before you use them for your research using the online Web Evaluation form linked on your project instructions and also linked here.

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Ecosystems - Web Sources


DOW-Habitat Fact Sheets

EPA - ROE - (Report On the Environment)

Ducksters - Ecosystems

KDE- World Biomes (Good info and has good links at bottom of page)

GreenFacts - some info on climate change impact and desertification

GreenFacts - biodiversity statistics

AV2 Publishing - companion web site to the Ecosystems series of books - provides read aloud and some good web links. You will need to enter a code from the back of the associated book

Endangered Species Web Sources


Quardvaark - a search tool for collecting species data from the Animal Diversity Web site (ADW)

University of Michigan – Animal Diversity Website - Excellent website! Try this one for specific species information)

 IUCN Red List - Official
(International website for all endangered species and their status)


All About Wildlife

(contains Quantitative data on MANY endangered animals) 


Earth’s Endangered

(Click on "Find a creature")

U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Encyclopedia of Life

(Website that collects species info from many web sources - avoid the Wikipedia info)

National Geographic - Animal Facts

Woodland Zoo

American Museum of Natural History

National Wildlife Federation

Defenders of Wildlife Organization

World Wildlife Fund 

(requests donations – don’t click on those links)

African Wildlife Foundation

Animal Fact Guide

National Parks Conservation Association





California Red-Legged Frog



Whooping Crane


California Condor


Kirtland’s Warbler,1607,7-153-10370_12145_12202-32591--,00.html


American Burying Beetle




Gray Bat

Bactrian Camel




Golden Lion Tamarin


American Crocodile