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7th Grade Science - Ecosystems Research: Databases

GALE Virtual Reference Library eBook Database

GALE Virtual Reference Library eBooks

 Reference eBooks  

 EXCELLENT resource for researching ecosystems and endangered species!

Click the link above.

  • Search all eBooks using the Search box at top of page.
  • Click on book cover to search specific eBook.  
  • Citation information is at the top of chapter/section.



  • Environmental Science: In Context
  • Biomes

Endangered Species:

  •  2 editions of Endangered Species - 2004 and 2016.  
  • Use 2016 for current information and statistics  
  • Use 2004 to find older statistics and information to identify trends in population and conservation efforts over the last 12 years.

Science in Context

Science in Context: ( Reference articles, Magazines, Newspapers,  some Reference eBooks)






  • Click  link above.
  • KEYWORDS ---->   

  • Headings --->  top of white boxes show types of ARTICLES or VIDEOS or IMAGES.
  • Save article to Google Drive: Select DOWNLOAD and Save to Google Drive. 
  • Article will be saved as Google Doc in a folder called "Science in Context."
  • CITATION: At top of article or in MLA format at bottom of article. 

Cavendish Square databases

   cavendish square     Cavendish Square Digital Databases

                                             (ORIGINAL CONTENT articles)

  •  CHOOSE DATABASE: Many databases – all can be searched at once from the top green search box, or select specific database.
  •  KEYWORDS:  Type keywords in the Search box - Food Webs, Ecosystems, or the particular name of your ecosystem are all good choices.
  •  CHOOSE ARTICLE: Click on article title to view.  Articles have several sections.  Click on section links in left navigation box.
  •  CITATION INFO: Can be found at the bottom of every section of an article or by clicking Cite This button at top of screen.  It is in correct MLA format. 
  • EMAIL: Click Email button at top of page – this will only send a link to the article, not the text.  You will have to enter the username/password at home when clicking the link in the email.

  •  SAVE: Click on Print at top of page, select option you want (section, full article), then copy/paste to WORD document and save the file. Make sure to include the citation information at the bottom of the article.

SIRS Discoverer

           SIRS Discoverer   


  • KEYWORDS: Type in your keywords. Search on Subject headings if you’re not sure about your keyword terms.
  • NOTE: Great Food Web info - type in keywords "studying food webs"
  • Default is Sort by Relevance –  reorders list so articles most closely related to keywords are at top.
  • CHOOSE ARTICLE/TYPE: Browse the article results list. Click on a Tab at top of screen to select Type of article results.

  • CITATION INFO: To find citation info, click on Source and Summary at top of article screen.

  • EMAIL/SAVE: Email box at top of article, type in your email address; Copy/paste article text into WORD doc to save.)

Message from Mrs. Goetjen

A message from Mrs. Goetjen about your project.

General Information

 Username/passwords needed to access these databases from HOME can be found in:

  • Student assignment pad
  • or ask Media Center staff

Research Documents

Strategies for Choosing Keywords