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Using Google Apps ( H Drive Transition

Transitioning H Drive Files/Folders to Google Drive

  Watch the video below to see step by step how to upload files/folders from your H Drive to your Google Drive account.

TIPS: Here are some tips as you begin the transition.

  1. Before you begin or as you are uploading files, you should go through your H Drive and remove any old files that you no longer need.  This is a good time to do that clean up that we never seem to have time for.  

  2.  Save your H Drive files on a USB Drive or other backup device - just in case!  

  3. Transitioning H Drive files/folders to Google Drive should be done in chunks as it can take significant time to upload large files or folders.  We recommend that you create a “Done” folder on your H Drive and move the files to this folder as you upload them to Google Drive so you can keep track of which files/folders have been transitioned and which have not.

    Upload Methods:Once you have cleaned up your H Drive, you are now ready to upload your files to Google Drive.  There are 2 ways to upload files to Google Drive.  

    1. upload and convert the file to a Google file type, such as a Docs file for WORD documents, Sheets file for Excel files, or Slides files for PowerPoint files.  

    2. upload and leave the files in their original format as a WORD or Excel or PowerPoint file.

    We recommend that you follow #2 and leave your files unconverted initially.  You can always convert them to the appropriate Google file format later on if needed.  Remember the benefit of converting to a Google file is that you can share and collaborate using that file.  


Logging into Google Apps (


1. Click the Google Apps link in the Useful Resources box to the left OR on a new tab in the Chrome browser, click the Apps square on the left of the menu bar at top of screen or click the gray "waffle" of squares on the top right of the browser page and select Google Drive.  If waffle squares are not visible, go to

2. In the top left corner of the screen, type in your Google Apps username - for students

    Password = Student ID for teachers


3. UNCHECK the Keep Me Logged In box if you are on a public computer and log in.

3. If this is the first time logging in, you will be asked to accept the Policies statement - click I Accept.

4. You are now on the Google Drive screen.

H Drive Transition to Google Drive

H Drive Transition Video Transcript

  If the video won't play, click the link below for a written transcript of the video.



H Drive Transition PowerPoint