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7th Grade SS - Holocaust Guided Inquiry: Overview of Time Period 1918-1945

Overview Article on Nazi Germany

 1. Use the database Research in Context, a great middle school database on many different topics.  

  • Google "wams databases" and click the first link.
  • Then select Research in Context.

2. Search using the keyword search terms, Hitler Nazi Germany.  Results are organized by type of article (reference, magazine, etc.)  The first white box of results is labeled Reference.  This means these are general reference source articles.  

  • Click on the word Reference to see the full list of reference type article results.

3. Find the reference articles titled, "Nazi Germany" or  "Holocaust", click on the title and read/browse the article(s).  

Notice this is a wonderful summary of much of what you have learned or will learn from all of these stations. Use this article to complete any gaps in your understanding.  


Also notice that there are linked words in the article, such as Hitler Youth.  Clicking the linked words takes you to another database article on that topic.  

Databases also provide a Listen feature so you can hear the article read out loud to you, a Translation feature so that you can have the article translated into another language, and usually provide the pre-formatted MLA-8 citation for you, so you can copy/paste that citation right into NoodleTools.  All of these features together make databases a very useful resource for students!