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7th Grade SS - Holocaust Guided Inquiry: 1935-1939: Jews in Germany

Time Period 1935-1939


Anti-Jewish poster, boycott

from Holocaust Encyclopedia web site

This web page focuses on lives as Jews in Germany during the Nazi reign. This includes:  

1935 Nuremberg Laws

1936 Olympics in Berlin

1938 Kristallnacht

 Become familiar with the vocabulary in the Vocabulary box.



Nazi Policies 1933-1939

Nazi Social and Economics infographic timeline

Nazi Persecution of Jews

Nazi Government (Idealogy, view of Jews)


Anti-Semitic Laws (Laws against Jews):

Anti-Semitic Laws infographic                                            Examples of Anti-Semitic Laws 1933-1939 


Nuremberg Laws:

Nuremberg Race Laws     Nuremberg Laws                      Nuremberg Race Laws - Defining a Nation


Berlin Olympics:                        

1936 Berlin Olympics        1936 Berlin Olympics in detail 


Kristallnacht or "The Night of Broken Glass":

Kristallnacht                       Kristallnacht in detail   



1936 Berlin Olympics - video clip

 Kristallnacht - video clip  (watch first 4:20 minutes)