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7th Grade SS - Holocaust Guided Inquiry: 1933-1934: Nazi Party Consolidation

Time Period 1933-1934


Adolf Hitler and other participants in the Hitler Putsch, during the annual anniversary celebration of his failed attempt to seize power. Behind Hitler stand Rudolf Hess (left) and Heinrich Himmler. Munich, Germany, November 9, 1934.

(from Holocaust Museum )

This web page focuses on the Nazi's consolidation of power in Germany from 1933-1934.  This includes: 

1933: Elections

Feb. 27, 1933:  Reichstag Fire

Mar. 23, 1933: Enabling Act

Jun. 30, 1934: Night of the Long Knives


Become familiar with the vocabulary in the Vocabulary box.


Reichstagthe lower house of the parliament during the period of the Second Reich and the Weimar Republic. (from



Informational Resources:

Chronology of Events to Consolidate Power - Read this page, and pages 2 and 3

Nazi's Consolidate Power

Reichstag Fire

Night of the Long Knives  also called Rohm Affair

Nazi Terror Begins

Opposition to the Nazis (read pages 6,7,8)


1. Hitler's Germany - BBC - how Hitler used the SA and the  Reichstag elections to increase Nazi power and ultimately allowed him to become the all powerful Fuhrer.

 2. Who Was the Firestarter? - more details about the fire in the Reichstag and how Hitler used it to help him gain ultimate power