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WAMS Research Guide: Developing Your Thesis

Tutorials and links to help you navigate the research process successfully.

Useful Resources

Creating A Thesis Statement PowerPoint

Take a look at this PowerPoint of example thesis statement formats created by Mrs. Fisher, 8th Grade Literary Connections teacher at WAMS.

Developing a Thesis Statement

What is the purpose of your research?

      After brainstorming, reading, exploring Media Center resources , questioning and narrowing (see Identifying Your Topic/Focus guide page), you should have a solid focus with several essential questions to answer through your research.

      In most cases, your pre-searching and exploration  will lead you to the next step in the research process: a working thesis statement.  This statement explains your purpose in researching and presenting your results, whether it is to persuade your audience to believe in a particular view of a controversial topic or to introduce new understandings of a topic.

A sample thesis statement:

Australia is a place that can appeal to a variety of people:adventurous travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, animal lovers, or those interested in cultures other than their own.

NOTE: Take a look at the links to the left to see great explanations and examples of how to generate and refine your working thesis statement based on your initial research.



      The thesis statement is based on the focus you have chosen and should be expressed in a clear and concise way.  The thesis statement is the main idea that you are going to prove or support through your research and accompanying written paper or presentation.


           A working thesis statement evolves during your research.  The initial working thesis statement may state the new knowledge, connections or point you are planning to prove but not in the most concise and precise way.  Ask your teacher or the media specialist to review your working thesis statement.  You will strengthen your thesis with vivid vocabulary and powerful phrasing through several interations of the thesis statement as you learn more through your research.

Your final thesis statement should be stated:

  • at the beginning of your outline page, web page, poster, speech, etc. and
  • in the introductory paragraph of your paper