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WAMS Research Guide: Works Cited

Tutorials and links to help you navigate the research process successfully.

Citation Tools

Intro to Citations

Citations and Citing Your Sources

The Works Cited Page

How To Cite Database Articles

Creating a project in NoodleTools

Sharing a project with your teacher

Logging in and Creating a Project in NoodleTools

Entering Citations in NoodleTools

Continued-Entering Citations in NoodleTools

Entering Image Citations in NoodleTools

Generating Works Cited Page in NoodleTools

Locating Web Page Citation Information

Locating Web page citation information can be a little tricky.  Not every web designer follows good web design techniques.  Take a look at the examples below to see where to look for the citation information on different type of web pages.  

Example 1 is from a news web site - CNN.

Example 2 is from a basic informational web site that follows good web design techniques.


Figuring out the TYPE of SOURCE for Database articles can be tricky.  Here is a chart to help you decide what type of source to choose for your database article citations.


CAVENDISH SQUARE (all databases): Type = ORIGINAL CONTENT (articles written just for database/NO source name)

CULTURE GRAMS: Type = ORIGINAL CONTENT (articles written just for database/NO source name)

EBSCO Points of View, Explora Secondary
Type = depends on the article. Use Tabs at top of screen to determine article type.

EBSCO History Reference Center or Science Reference Center:
Type = REFERENCE (for most articles; a couple are MAGAZINE)


GALE Virtual Reference Library: Type = Reference eBook

INFOTRAC STUDENT EDITION: TYPE = depends on article.  Use Content Type feature to determine article type.

Research in Context: TYPE = depends on article.

Science in ContextTYPE = depends on article.

SIRS DISCOVERER: TYPE = depends on article. Use Tabs at top of screen to determine article type.

PROQUEST: TYPE = depends on article; many are NEWSPAPER, but some could be MAGAZINE or REFERENCE or JOURNAL

WORLD BOOK (all databases): Type = REFERENCE; then select ePublication button in NoodleTools and check off box "Well-known publication".