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WAMS Research Guide: Plagiarism and Copyright

Tutorials and links to help you navigate the research process successfully.

What is Attribution?

From The Free Dictionary at

Good Note-taking Skills

Creative Commons License Example

Ethical Use of Media Presentation




Copyright in a Connected World


Fair Use

FAIR USE: Legal exceptions allowing use of copyrighted material in certain cases.

The 4 factors of Fair Use are:

1. PURPOSE of USE: Fair Use does NOT allow for commercial use (for profit), but does allow for educational or non-profit use.

2. NATURE of the COPYRIGHTED WORK: It's physical/digital form, size and reasons for use.

3. AMOUNT of the COPYRIGHTED WORK USED: Fair Use allows for parts of a work to be copied but not the entire work.  Fair Use does NOT allow for copying an entire work rather than paying to purchase multiple copies of that work.


Creative Commons

Creative Commons -  is an organization dedicated to supporting the sharing and use of knowledge and creativity on the Internet.  

Creative Commons website - is the website created by this organization that defines copyright licenses and provides license tools which support an easy and standard way to allow others  to use your creative work — with conditions that you decide.